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Complete List

Version 0.8.3

11/10/09 - 03/11/09

  • Fixed the delete user page when the user has bids or auctions
  • Fixed the index page so the buy it now only featured items show the correct price
  • Fixed the resync counters button so it now also resyncs the categorey counts
  • Fixed the buyer fee emails so your not sent it when the fee is 0
  • Fixed the contact seller form so it does not show an error when your not logged in
  • Fixed the dropdown list on the listusers page show it actually sorts the users
  • Fixed the newsletter submition page
  • Fixed the bidding so you can no longer bid on auctions that have not yet started
  • Fixed the banner rotation
  • Fixed the edit_data.php page
  • Fixed the install script so it doesnt return a sql error

Version 0.8.2

24/09/09 - 08/10/09

  • Changed the regisration so the users default time setting is set to the sites time setting instead of GMT
  • Fixed admin/time.php so its not trying to load a file that doesnt exist (Bug #56)
  • Fixed proxy bidding (Bug #64)
  • Fixed the autoextension option (Bug #55)
  • Fixed the exclude auction page (Bug #63)
  • Fixed the fee gateway so the password feild displays for Authorize.Net
  • Fixed when you do an update the Authorize.Net will actually show in the admin panel (Bug #57)
  • Fixed a bug where the fees class cannot be called (Bug #60)
  • Fixed the banner selection script from throwing an error when an ' is used in an items description (Bug #58)
  • Fixed the counter resync button so it calculates the number of bids correctly
  • Fixed the buyer questions on the item page so the questions are only shown if the question was set to public (Bug #62)
  • Fixed the pagnation in active_auctions.php (Bug #67)
  • Fixed the admin edit auction where it messes up the ending time
  • Fixed the regular search so it no longer thinks every auction is a featured auction
  • Fixed confirm user/register pages so users arnt counted twice
  • Fixed the recapcha so it doesnt keep giving a fatal error
  • Fixed the buy it now RSS feed
  • Fixed the send auction to a friend page so it no longer just shows a blank page
  • Fixed edit auction so you can no longer make edits for free
  • Fixed the category selection screen so when you select a blank area in a box the partent categories will not load again in the next box
  • Added a pay now button to buy it now confirmation screen

Version 0.8.1

22/09/09 - 23/09/09

  • Fixed the fee stettings page so it works when using a comma as a decimal (Bug #49)
  • Added an gateway option
  • Fixed bug with paypal payment validator
  • Fixed the registration error when birthdate is not a required feild and is left blank (Bug #50)
  • Fixed selling bug where it was trying to insert the value 'n' into a interger row (Bug #51)
  • Fixed the bug with buy it now emails where it shows the current bid instead of the buy it now value as the price (Bug #54)
  • Fixed the bidding when using a comma as a decimal

Version 0.8.0

23/03/09 - 21/09/09

  • Fixed the emailer so it sends the email in the users prefered language not the defult one
  • Reorganised the admin homepage so it shows more useful information
  • Renamed and to and
  • Made the user login much more secure
  • Fixed the suspend/activate user admin page
  • Made some security fixes on the image upload page
  • Fixed the admin stats page so when you set to not tracking stats you dont have to have any stats selected
  • Fixed the ip bans so it no longer loops infinatly when your banned
  • Fixed the counters in the header so it looks normal still when some of the counters are disabled
  • Fixed the users online counter so its more accurate
  • Fixed the proxy bidding so after making a proxy bid it displays the correct minimum bid
  • Fixed the stats by replacing $HTTP_COOKIE_VARS with $_COOKIE
  • Fixed the gallery when no thumbnail is made (Bug #3)
  • Moved the admin theme files into thier own folder
  • Added the option for users to choose thier email format type
  • Fixed the bidding when a bid is made which is lower than the last proxy bid (Bug #5)
  • Fixed the proxy bidding (Bug #9)
  • Added resync counters option to admin CP
  • Removed to dramatically speed up cron execution time
  • Added a standardised footer to all admin pages
  • Removed as its unneeded
  • Fixed the bidding so the auctions reserve price is taken into account when making proxy bids
  • Added option to have privacy policy
  • Added option to add copyright message
  • Updated jQuery to v1.3.2
  • Updated jQuery Image Area Select plugin to v0.8
  • Added a GD support check in the installer
  • Added a mass add option in the categories admin page make it quicker to add multiple categories
  • Added batch.php so running cronjobs will actually work
  • Changed the confirmation page so it automatically logs the user in after activating their account
  • Added an automatic thumbnail selection to uplaoded images (selects as much the image as possible)
  • Added an orientation check on the thumbnail generator
  • Changed the thumb generator so the thumb caches are actually used
  • Fixed the category counters when you add a new auction
  • Fixed auction relist so all old bids are always removed when you relist an auction
  • Did a complete clean up of the cron.php file so it runs much faster
  • Fixed the cumulative emails
  • Fixed the edit page so you can no loner make auctions end in the past
  • Added a robot.txt file
  • Fixed gallery upload when the extionsions are in uppercase (Bug #18)
  • Fixed the bug where an error is displayed if you input a number with a comma decimal seperator
  • Fixed a bug in auctions_active.tpl where buy it now is not displayed
  • Added an option to enable or disable the template cache
  • Added an option to make the time remaining on on auction to become an automatic countdown timer after a given time
  • Fixed some minor bugs in the auction/user control where the auction title/user name do not show when deleting/suspending user/auction
  • Cleaned up the auction lists in the admin panel so they display more useful information
  • Added option to make auctions bold/highlighted or featured
  • Add option to start auction now
  • Moved all the strings from mail.php into the language file
  • Fixed the admin newsletter sending page
  • Merged winner_address.php and contactseller.php
  • Fixed exculdeuser.php so it displays the correct language string when activating a users account
  • Fixed delete user page now after deleting a user who has made bids the auctions current bid & num bids will be correct afterwards
  • Fixed the reserved 'r' displays on auctions listings now while browsing the categories
  • Removed all referances to the never excisting 'adultonly' setting
  • Added ability to use array variables in the templates
  • Added user groups
  • Added questions to the items page
  • Added a thread to PM so you can see your previous messages in a conversation
  • Added the option to disable proxy bidding
  • Updated the messages table so the colomn names are no longer conflicting with mysql commands
  • Reduced the size of the `no image available` image
  • Changed how relisting items works they are now relisted automatically and you dont have to go though the sell pages again
  • Added spam prevention methods
  • Fixed the buy it now auction email so it contains the correct info (Bug #30)
  • Fixed buying.php so the quantity is shown correctly if you use buy it now at different times for the same item
  • Fixed buying.php so the Your Bid and Total Due show the correct values when an item is bought with buy it now
  • moved the images which contain words into the language folder so they can be translated
  • Fixed the buy it now only auctions so if a single user buys multiple items they wont be shown multiple times in the highest bidder list
  • Changed the regular search from an OR search to an AND search
  • Removed the r image from listing with a reserve price
  • Fixed the active auction page so for buy it only auctions the buy it now price is displayed instead of the current bid
  • Added a start date check so auction cannot be started in the past
  • Added a check to check if the users choosen language actually exists

Version 0.7.3

18/01/09 - 12/03/09

  • Fixed the sell page so you don’t receive a new auction email each time you edit an auction
  • Changed the time ending on the auction page so it looks much nicer
  • Changed the auction page removing some unneeded information
  • Fixed the about us page so it doesn’t parse out HTML tags
  • Fixed the admin news page when you go to delete a news item but click 'no' it takes you to the correct page
  • Added a note to the auction page showing if your still the current winner or if you’ve been outbid
  • Fixed edit auction so you can’t edit auctions after the auction has ended
  • Added some additional security to the edit auction page so if you shouldn't be able to edit the auction you can’t
  • Fixed error checking to send auction to a friend form so you cannot submit a blank message
  • Fixed the sell page so it buy it now is set to ‘no’ the buy it now price is set to 0 on the preview page
  • Fixed the sell page so buy it now only auctions cannot be submitted with buy it now price of 0
  • Fixed item page so the buy it now price displays for buy it now only auctions
  • Fixed the item page so on a buy it now only auction the starting price won’t be visible
  • Fixed the error message when you submit a blank form on email_request.php
  • Added email validation to email_request.php
  • Added some basic instructions to the thumbnail selection page
  • Fixed the upload gallery so it resizes images so they always fit on the page
  • Fixed problems in registration when the users account is automatically confirmed
  • Added auction title and link to leave feedback page
  • Added some extra text on the view feedback page so you know what you’re looking at
  • Added Total Due on buying.php
  • Change the converter link to only be on the currency rather than the amount as well
  • Fixed so min bid and reserve price are hidden on the sell preview page
  • Fixed profile page so percentages are displayed correctly
  • Fixed the auction page so the seller feedback value is correct
  • Fixed the home page so it displays correctly in IE when its blank
  • Changed the word filter so its now case insensitive
  • Fixed the no longer winner email
  • Removed the browse server buttons from the fck editor
  • Added some error check to the thumbnail generator so you don’t get black lines around the image
  • Fixed the re-lists so it displays the correct amount of re-lists on the open auctions page
  • Fixed the closed auction auction page so the sell under price check box only shows when its possible to do so
  • Removed some unneeded columns from the settings table
  • Made statistics more accurate
  • Fixed the upload gallery so if you choose a default image but don’t make a thumbnail it will no longer mess up your gallery
  • Fixed the admin so when a users account is activated they receive the activation email
  • Fixed buy now auctions so the auctions are displayed in the winners CP when user authentication is turned on
  • Added fck editor to the about us and terms pages in admin panel
  • Fixed the help box on the index page
  • Fixed issues with time zones
  • Added the 2 missing language strings Cancel and Save Thumbnail
  • Added error checking to image upload so its sure the image is uploaded
  • Fixed the gallery upload so it works with php safe mode turned on
  • Added SSL support
  • Added RSS feeds
  • Fixed the Statistical Resume page in the admin panel so when statistics are disabled the values will display as 0 instead of blank
  • Removed the obsolete bidfinder settings in the admin panel
  • Added buy it now only auto disable option
  • Added a hash to the user confirmation page to make it more secure
  • Fixed the sell page so if you start creating an auction and get to the preview screen but then decide to start again is no longer keeps the start date you entered on your last created auction
  • Fixed it so now when your viewing the site in a different language to the default setting and register it it sends the confirmation email in the correct language
  • Fixed language changer on admin page
  • Added feature to give bidders privacy on the items they bid
  • Added a box on profile page showing last received feedback
  • Fixed Advance search so buy it now auctions are only shown if you can still actually buy it now
  • Built a Email class to handle the sending of emails
  • Added an alert on the user control panel telling the user user if they need to leave feedback
  • Fixed a major security vulnerability with the script
  • Added option to enable/disable custom increments
  • Added text showing number of new messages on the user menu
  • Re-wrote the majority of the email language files
  • Added functionality in admin panel so you can set fields to be mandatory or hidden on the register page

Version 0.7.2

07/12/08 - 17/01/09

  • Fixed the delete message functionality in PMs
  • Fixed contact seller
  • Added lightbox to auction pages
  • Fixed auction view counter to be unique views
  • Fixed time sync between sell start time and the header on the sell page
  • Fixed edit category
  • Fixed auction page so the decimal places are sorted out
  • Fixed the missing month on the auction page
  • Fixed forward after login when viewing auction page
  • Fixed reserved prices
  • Fixed custom increments
  • Made some tweaks so on the time it will show day instead of days when needed
  • Added buy it now only settings to admin panel
  • Added some javascript to the sell page so it must easier to use
  • Made some fixes to the auction page so the correct max bidder is always shown
  • Fixed error checking on the sell page
  • Fixed quantities on dutch auctions & buy it now only auctions
  • Fixed leave feedback page so it shows feedback to leave for items you won as well as items you sold
  • Fixed the image purging functions in cron.php
  • Fixed the reply link when viewing a message
  • Fixed the install SQL removed some invalid characters
  • Changed the cron log so sql queries arn't displayed in it
  • Fixed the template function
  • Fixed contact seller when user is logged out
  • Added a check so blank messages cannot be sent on contact seller page
  • Added word filter to contact seller page
  • Fixed buy it now on the auction page
  • Fixed minimum bid when there has been no bids
  • Fixed the auction confirmation email to display the auction url
  • Fixed a problem with buy it now only auctions where some items are sold but not all and it enters an extra invalid entry to the winners table
  • Fixed feedback for when there are multiple winners
  • Fixed increments table
  • Added an updater to help with updating the scirpt
  • Fixed the word filter on auctions
  • Fixed some issues where the browse page times out when you have a massive category table
  • Fixed the banner pages in the admin panel
  • Fixed the advanced search when searching for postcode and country
  • Fixed search for when searching a specific category
  • Fixed image gallery to work correctly when editing/reopening/relisting an auction
  • Fixed a bug where an error about the reserve being to high was returned when the item was set to not have a reserve price

Version 0.7.1

07/12/08 - 14/12/08

  • Fixed profile page
  • Fixed feedback form
  • Fixed relist
  • Fixed logo page in admin panel so it shows correctly
  • Fixed custom styles
  • Fixed the pagenation on the search page
  • Redid the auction galleries
  • Fixed reopen closed auctions
  • Fixed some errors that occour when using PHP4
  • Cleaned up FCK editor
  • Fixed the cacheing on templates
  • Added message board controls to admin panel
  • Fixed send_email page and PMs
  • Fixed auction item page so it diplays bids correctly when your bid was automatically outbid
  • Fixed profile page when not logged in
  • Fixed maintenance mode
  • Fixed word filter
  • Fixed admin suspend auction page
  • Fixed admin management pages
  • Fixed admin feedback pages
  • Made a new logo

Version 0.7.0

17/11/08 - 04/12/08

  • Fixed the import categories option in the installer
  • Added a login check to csseditor_.php
  • Fixed the admin add banenrs page
  • Added $system->cleanvars() to clean up loads of vulnerabilities
  • Cleaned up alot of the code removing most of the php E_NOTICE warnings
  • Fixed the bug in admin/resendemail.php where it couldn't find the language file
  • Added a General PHP error handler
  • Added the missing file
  • Fixed the alignment issue
  • Fixed the unique visitor counter
  • Removed the error bar from the send_email page
  • Removed the categories_plain table and moved the data into the categories language file
  • Added the missing string $MSG['624'] to the message file
  • Fixed the links when WeBid is installed in a sub folder
  • Sorted out registration so you recieve the correct message depending on the user confirmation method
  • Fixed the admin default country page
  • Added sell similar feature that can be used when an item has been sold
  • Added shipping fee to auctions
  • Cleaned up all the common code from the config file and put it in a class
  • Added a function so WeBid can find which languages are installed so you dont have to edit any files to add/remove languages
  • Fixed login page so it displays error messages correctly
  • Added decent template system which template caching

Version 0.6.3

06/11/08 - 14/11/08

  • Removed 11 files
  • Added option to not import default categories at installation if you want to make your own from scratch
  • Finished cleaning up the language file reduced from 114kb to 70kb (between v0.5 and now)
  • Updated mysql error checker to move you to the error page instead of just stopping the script
  • Fixed bug on admin delete auction page
  • Fixed bug where you cant add an auction after editing one
  • Fixed admin list users template
  • Fixed a category translation error on the index page
  • Fixed the time bar so it work with other languages
  • Fixed the statistics so it picks up the users browser
  • Improved functionality of the admin categories page
  • Added admin feature to set the account activation mode
  • Fixed a few bugs which occur when the categories are empty
  • Fixed admin member types page

Version 0.6.2

29/10/08 - 31/10/08

  • Fixed admin edit auction page
  • Fixed admin user authentication settings page
  • Fixed admin edit countries page
  • Fixed admin edit categories page
  • Removed some obsolete functions

Version 0.6.1

24/10/08 - 26/10/08

  • Removed 2 files
  • Updated link on copyright message to
  • Improved installer making it much simpler to use
  • Updated FCK editor from 2.0 to 2.6.3
  • Added error check on version checker

Version 0.6.0

24/09/08 - 21/10/08

  • Removed 72 files
  • Fixed feedback SQL problems
  • Improved pagination on feedback page
  • Fix Item Watch Page
  • Removed the https stuff as im not planing on added anything that will need it
  • Fixed the galleries in auctions
  • Fixed leave feedback pages
  • Completely recoded sell.php it now functions far better
  • Updated the installer so you enter the admin email on that
  • Started to clean-up and optimise the code
  • Updated SQL dump

Version 0.5.5

11/09/08 - 17/09/08

  • Fixed all security issues reported
  • Added .htaccess file
  • Deleted loads of unneeded files & code
  • Moved category translations from the database to the language folder
  • Fixed retrieve password file
  • Fixed word filter
  • Fixed user feedback on auction page when feedback is 0

Version 0.5.4

25/08/08 - 30/08/08

  • Cleaned up select category page
  • Fixed create auction page
  • Cleaned up more of the language files
  • Cleaned up the config file
  • Fixed time out errors with install file
  • Fixed SQL errors

Version 0.5.3

01/07/08 - 20/07/08

  • Cleaned a few of the template pages up
  • On contact user page it sends a copy of the message to their message box as well as sending an email
  • Edited the closed auction page so the ended time works correctly, also cleaned up the coding
  • Added a description to Watch Action page
  • Fix the image display error in item_watch
  • Fix error with the cron
  • Make some changes to the feedback system to make it much neater
  • Fixed an item on view item when you've not logged in
  • Removed some useless files
  • Added an error log
  • Removed everything to do with about me pages as they don't exist yet
  • cleaned up the SQL
  • linked user address to location of item location
  • Add 'drop table if exists' queries to install file to help avoid bad installations
  • Added installation checks

Versions 0.5.2 and older

...who knows

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