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    Default Bids not updating or posting to database

    When I'm at item.php, then I put my bid in, it takes me to bid.php and show the correct amount. I fill out bid.php as normal, (lets say I put in 300$) and it says your bid of 300$ has been received. All normal until this point. But then, when you go to the auction it still says the current bid is .99$, and the database still says 00.9900. So It's an issue with bid.php (or something) connecting with the database, but I don't know what to look at to fix it. As far as I can recall, I havent touched bid.php yet.

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    Sound like Proxy bid is on.

    Lots of discussion about this but briefly if Auction opens at $0.99 then it will stay at $0.99 regardless of 1st bidders amount until someone bids against them. It wont get to $300 until someone else bids $300.

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