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    Question Don't show listings until user login


    Is it possible to make WeBid not show items in auction until the user logs in?

    So the "Home" tab would only show the login and password dialog boxes, same as "Sell an Item" and "Message Board" tabs.


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    'B_LOGGED_IN' => $user->logged_in
    is defined in header.php so you can use that.

    <!-- IF B_LOGGED_IN eq false-->
    what you want to show those not logged in
    <!-- ELSE -->
    what you want to show to those who ARE logged in
    <!-- ENDIF -->

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    Smile Solved


    After digging around for a while I added the clause to index.php, in similar spot to msgboard.php.

    // Is the seller logged in?
    if (!$user->is_logged_in())
            $_SESSION['REDIRECT_AFTER_LOGIN'] = 'index.php';
            header('location: user_login.php');
    Your suggestion misled me a bit but gave me the hint that I needed to do the digging (there's no settings for this option).

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    What boxlot was saying is in your .tpl all you needed to do was add

    PHP Code:
    <!-- IF B_LOGGED_IN --> 
    show this 
    <!-- ELSE --> 
    dont show this 
    <!-- ENDIF --> 
    where show this is the html you want displayed if they are loged in, and the dont show this is what is shown if they are not loged in.

    For example

    PHP Code:
    <!-- IF B_LOGGED_IN -->
    li><a href="{SITEURL}user_menu.php?">{L_622}</a></li>
    li><a href="{SSLURL}logout.php?">{L_245}</a></li>
    <!-- ELSE -->
    li><a href="{SSLURL}register.php?">{L_235}</a></li>
    li><a href="{SSLURL}user_login.php?">{L_052}</a></li>
    <!-- ENDIF --> 
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