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    Default Remove Dutch Auctions

    Yep, this question again, which has been answered and never fully completed.
    I have read through every post.

    However, this is a new install and on my OLD install (Which was just a test install) I KNOW there was NO DUTCH AUCTION option when I added test auctions.
    Now with the new install... there is now a dutch auction option. Weird!

    So, I figured there must be a place in the admin area to say "no dutch auctions" since all the post on this before refer to pages that no longer exist in webid.
    I am either really stupid or blind because I can't find it and have searched every link in the admin area.

    So, I go to sell.tpl and sure enough there is a statement of .dutchhide").hide(); which I know must mean you can hide this.

    So... where did my brain go and how do I disable dutch auction option.

    Thanks much

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    Sure after I posted I found this

    however- I do not recall doing this before so... still confused.


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