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    Default {LOGO} where to change

    OK I have searched for three days and can not find anything in these forums that explains where to find and where to change the {LOGO} found in global_header.tpl
    I have done a search of every single file in webid and everything in the database.

    Don't tell me to 'Just change logo.gif and upload it' I don't want to do that.
    I want to upload a png file not a gif file. Why? Because I just want to be difficult I suppose.

    Now I guess I am just stupid since I have been doing webwork, html, flash, php, heck even cgi before it died and I can't find this one thing?

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    OK seriously? This needs to be changed inside the database.
    I did it, but you can change everything else on that database area
    'webid_settings' under General Settings in the admin area, but not the LOGO?

    Think that should be changed for people who may not have any clue or have access to their databases
    But then that is just my opinion and ya know what they say...

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    think the {LOGO} was planned to work from admin for user to upload image, but it newer was completed,
    so no need to use it.

    i made it a bit different
    you can see it here Logo via TPL file
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    If I remember right you could upload a new logo via admin in version 0.8.5


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