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    Default Possible Change To How Contact Seller Works?

    My sellers are begging for a way to add comments to each individual auction, and from what I've seen/researched there is no way to add a comments section but sellers can choose to post their answers publicly. Does anyone know of a way (or if it's even possible) to force all "contact the seller" interactions to post publicly instead of giving each seller the option to publish them publicly?

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    I dont think this is somthing many people would like.

    Even that well known auction site gives the seller the opertunity to publish the question.

    If I was a seller I would leave quick style if all of the questions I was sent got published to my item page.

    Not all questions are publishable, some people that ask questions just ask plain stupid questions like "will you take xx for it" when it's clearly a buy now auction, others swear in thier questions and some questions are down right rude and none of the above to me are publishable questions.

    The questions and answers section is there for a seller to publish questions that he/she thinks will help other potential buyers make a choice if they are going to bid or not.

    For exapmple I am selling a car but forgot to mention in the description that it has a service history, someone sends me a question asking "does the car have service history" I reply yes it has full service history but forgot to mention it in the listing.

    That is the sort of question/answer that I as the seller would publish.

    I would not want the following published.
    Buyer: will you take £500 for it?
    Me: no its a buy now and the site T&C's state not to try and dodge seller fees.


    Buyer: you will never get that amount for it, your a moron.
    Me: well thanks for your input.

    As you can see the questions and answers section can either make or break a sale.

    Plus if you have rude questions automaticaly published or ones with swearing in them and a child or someone that takes offence to that sort of thing comes along, you could be looking at a law suit.
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    I 100% agree with everything you have stated, and I personally don't like the idea of having comments available to everyone. That is why I have also implemented a forum, and I feel questions can and should be asked there.

    The only reason I'm willing to try to find a way to do this is because it's an auction setup within a website for a specific poultry breeding group to sell among themselves, and these same people jumped ship from another auction site/group because the new auctions (another platform) took away the ability they previously had to ask public questions about the particular breeding specs, etc, of the poultry for sale.

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    Can of worms if you don't let the seller have the option to post or not post. Even Spam possibilities as seen on many sites with comments/reviews without approval.

    Everyone should try to replicate Bugs & post results

    • I wont respond to users who;

    -Repeatedly ask for help & don't make the above simple contribution to the project
    -Don't follow rules or search for solutions.

    -Clearly haven't reviewed the WeBid Admin. and/or tested a simple scenario on their site.

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    Ok I understand jenn.
    You could try it for a while I supose and see how things pan out.
    I think your best bet would be a simple text area box that stores the data in a table or field in the database then displays it as soon as they hit ask or save it would involve a bit of coding though

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    yes it is possible
    as far as spam goes you can do a few things
    1. only logged in users can post comments

    2. make it so both the commenter can delete their own comments and the Seller can delete any comment on their listing ( this way it's self regulating any spam or unsuitable comments are moderated by the Seller themselves saves having to have an admin to watch posts)

    3.(not implemented yet )but perhaps a report button on item page to send an email to the admin with a complaint (for other viewers of the comments )

    4.(not implemented yet ) isn't there a swear word filtering system already built into webid? tie it into that somehow

    one thing that would also possibly help is an admin type user which seems to be missing in webid ie a superuser who can delete any comment on any page
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