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    Question Default image not getting selected and thumbnail not visible


    While selling any item, on upload picture screen, I am successfully able to upload any image(s) but can not make it as default image.
    When I click on default checkbox, it does not gets checked. Even when I click on Save Thumbnail, default checkbox does not get checked.
    As a result no default picture gets selected and no image is displayed as thumbnail alongwith item.
    Though images are displayed in picture gallery but default image is not available.

    Please advise how can I correct this.


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    Answered in your duplicate thread
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    Ok what is a duplicate thread ? everyone on here is not all php savvy you know!! Please explain what that is! I am having the same issues!!
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    Not a php reference. Duplicate posting.

    Here it is:

    Forum terminology.
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    Everyone should try to replicate Bugs & post results

    • I wont respond to users who;

    -Repeatedly ask for help & don't make the above simple contribution to the project
    -Don't follow rules or search for solutions.

    -Clearly haven't reviewed the WeBid Admin. and/or tested a simple scenario on their site.

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    or use my mod upldgallery_fix
    it removes the crop function,
    and resize on upload to specified maximum height,
    makes it more easy to use.
    tested om webid 1.0.4 and working now.
    go get it from here upldgallery_fix
    (dont forget to rate it and mark it as installed)


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