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    Exercise is extremely necessary for better health and fitness level. You you want maintain your body and weight in better shape you must do some exercise. I think Running and Swimming both are best exercise for great health.

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    According to me
    1) Cycling,
    2) Pull-ups,
    3) Push-Ups Are the best exercise.

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    I think Cycling and Yoga are the best exercises for healthy and fit body. Doing those exercises you can improve your stamina and build strong muscles, joints and bones. You can also improve your memory and vision.

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    Meditation is the best exercise for you. meditation is the best exercise for the health and it is generally used to remove certain problems like blood pressure,heart disease, headache, heavy weight etc. You can feel good relaxation and also you can visualize more. you can improve you concentration power with meditation so meditation is so good for the health.

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    Cycling and swimming are the best. This is why I have my motorcycle, I spent a lot of time in the jacuzzi In addition if you want to loose abdominal fat the stairs to climb it is very good because it burns all .

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    There are plenty of advantages from Yoga exercise and Exercises work out. This work out help you to decrease depressive disorder from thoughts and always beneficial for you when you are experiencing the back problems or any other body discomfort. So these are the best work out for you.

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    Exercise is best way for maintain the physical fitness. In my opinion, these exercise best for you like cycling, running, jogging, dancing, walking etc. In this way increase stamina and maintain the weight. These exercise may help to reduce the stress level. It may help the reduce risk of heart stroke.

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    Doing Exercise is very best for the human beings. According to me best Exercise is to run in morning and to do Yoga regularly. Yoga is the exercise that helps to relieve all the tension and stress from the body. It rest the body well. It is very useful to protect against the deceases.

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    Default What is the BEST exercise for me?

    There are many exercise available for health. Cardio exercise is very useful for people health. In this exercise cycling, running and swimming are using so you can use any exercise for your health. It is best exercise for human being.
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