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      WBColors Theme Updated.

      Version: 1.0.3, by (Administrator/Coder/Designer) renlok is offline
      Developer Last Online: Mar 2015 Show Printable Version Email this Page
      WeBid Version: 1.0.3, 1.0.2, 1.0.1, 1.0.0 Rating:  (4 votes - 5.00 average) Installs: 170
      Released: 27-01-2011 Last Update: 11-08-2011 Downloads: 5581
      Supported Re-useable Code Code Changes Additional Files

      All credit goes to Alcor

      Updated for v1.0.3

      The files: - for WeBid versions 1.0.0, 1.0.1, 1.0.2
      WBColors - for WeBid versions 1.0.3

      To install download attached file and read readme.txt for instructions

      NOTE: I did this update fairly quickly in maybe 1/2 hours if I've f'ed something up please post in the comments

      Also remember to Click Installed!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bbox View Post
    hi mate, I have the same problem with the buy now option, and I don't seem to find an answer, did you manage to fix that? please reply ASAP anyone who can help, thanks
    Yes, it was referenced on the second page with a link to the fix.
    Go there and check the 6th post down.

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    i have a problem with the auction because i can't see it in home...
    Someone can help me please??

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    I am having a problem with the new version of the theme wbthemes when I un zip and send through fillzilla everything goes ok,but when I activate it on my webid site the page is blank and I get this error

    07-02-2012, 20:28:44:: Unknown error type: [8] Undefined variable: j on /home/mahtani/public_html/ line 199
    07-02-2012, 20:28:44:: My ERROR [256] template->_tpl_load_file(): File /home/mahtani/public_html/ 1.0.3/global_header.tpl does not exist or is empty

    anyone know why.....thanks for the help

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    Hi, I'm new in this site. in this reason,I have the some problem with the auction because i can't see it home.

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    I have v. 1.0.3 and I'm getting a blank screen. Seems to be a common problem. Has anyone who was experiencing this problem fixed it?

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    Default Problems with Captcha and admin

    Hi there ,

    I've installed the WBcolors theme but I've got 2 problems.

    -I can't get into admin anymore , I just get a blank screen

    -when I wan't to register as I new user , the captcha doesn't show.

    I need some help with this!

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    the theme has lots of errors, better wait for an update,

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    New to WeBid and certainly WBColors but not the world of php and acutions.

    Installed on a server yesterday, added WBColor and made a few modifications and now have the following issues:
    Faulty (?) links to login.php - which I've removed.
    Unable to register new users

    When trying to register a new user, and all looks fine, captcha included, this is the error messages in the log:
    Unknown error type: [8] Undefined index: 2__0064 on //test/includes/functions_global.php line 344
    Unknown error type: [8] Undefined index: CAT_TITLE on //test/includes/template.php(165) : eval()'d code line 5
    Unknown error type: [8] Undefined index: CAT_ITEM on //test/includes/template.php(165) : eval()'d code line 5
    Unknown error type: [8] Undefined index: TITLE on //test/includes/template.php(165) : eval()'d code line 5
    Unknown error type: [8] Undefined index: B_LOGIN_BOX on //test/includes/template.php(165) : eval()'d code line 106
    Unknown error type: [8] Undefined index: B_ERRORMSG on //test/includes/template.php(165) : eval()'d code line 6
    Unknown error type: [8] Undefined index: B_BUYSELLER on //test/includes/template.php(165) : eval()'d code line 15

    Any clues?

    I'd rather hear of a simple solution before dissecting the code and rewriting certain parts and then left unable to upgrade to future versions...

    Many thanks in advance!

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    Hi guys, i already installed this theme but on homepage I cannot see any auctions, I can choose All, Buy it now only or auction only, but it is still blank. Could you help me please? (do not look that there is not translation)
    Last edited by frosticek; 14-04-2012 at 10:02 AM. Reason: b

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    Can someone please tell me how I can install a theme?


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