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    Hi all I just noticed another error in the admin side that I have now fixed.

    The error is a simple TYPO when editing banners Advertisment > Banners Administration > Manage Banners When viewing this page the breadcrumb nav at the top displays Tools >> Error Log >> Manage Banners Instead of Advertisment >> Banners Administration >> Manage Banners

    How to FIX::

    Open themes/admin/userbanners.tpl and on line 9 find code
    <h4 class="rounded-top rounded-bottom">{L_5436}&nbsp;&gt;&gt;&nbsp;{L_891}&nbsp;&gt;&gt;&nbsp;{L__0024}</h4>
    Replace that line with code
                 <h4 class="rounded-top rounded-bottom">{L_25_0011}&nbsp;&gt;&gt;&nbsp;{L__0008}&nbsp;&gt;&gt;&nbsp;{L__0024}</h4>
    Thats another fix I will add at a later date to the service pack and the main download
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