What is the WeBid Root or the WeBid Core?

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    A lot of new members ask the question What is the WeBid Root (root) or the WeBid Core (core)?

    First lets take a look at the dictionary definition of both words to get a better grasp of what they actually mean to us.

    In a way the two are one in the same, they both mean something identicle

    When members in forum posts refer to the WeBid Root (this is referring to WeBid's source or the WeBid origin) and the WeBid Core (Is referring to WeBid's central or WeBid's innermost) they are actually referring to the main place where you have your WeBid installed.
    You will know you are in the WeBid Root or the WeBid Core when you see the full structure of the WeBid script (it's ROOTS or CORE).

    For example you are in the WeBid Core or the WeBid Root when you see all of the WeBid Folders and Files as pointed out in the list bellow


    • admin (Folder)
    • cache (Folder)
    • ckeditor (Folder)
    • docs (Folder)
    • images (Folder)
    • inc (Folder)
    • includes (Folder)
    • js (Folder)
    • language (folder)
    • themes (Folder)
    • uploaded (Folder)

    • .htaccess (Text File)
    • active_auctions.php (PHP File)
    • adsearch.php (PHP File)
    • ajax.php (PHP File)
    • auction_watch (PHP File)
    • batch.php (PHP File)
    • bid.php (PHP File)
    • boards.php (PHP File)
    • browse.php (PHP File)
    • buy_now.php (PHP File)
    • buying.php (PHP File)
    • buysellnofeedback.php (PHP File)
    • calendar.html (HTML File)
    • captcha.php (PHP File)
    • captcha_play.php (PHP File)
    • clickthrough.php (PHP File)
    • closed_auctions.php (PHP File)
    • common.php (PHP File)
    • confirm.php (PHP File)
    • contents.php (PHP File)
    • converter.php (PHP File)
    • cron.php (PHP File)
    • edit_active_auctions.php (PHP File)
    • edit_data.php (PHP File)
    • email_request.php (PHP File)
    • error.php (PHP File)
    • favicon.ico (Icon File)
    • feedback.php (PHP File)
    • fees.php (PHP File)
    • footer.php (PHP File)
    • forgotpasswd.php (PHP File)
    • friend.php (PHP File)
    • getthumb.php (PHP File)
    • header.php (PHP File)
    • help.php (PHP File)
    • index.php (PHP File)
    • invoices.php (PHP File)
    • item.php (PHP File)
    • item_watch.php (PHP File)
    • loader.php (PHP File)
    • logout.php (PHP File)
    • mail.php (PHP File)
    • message.php (PHP File)
    • msgboard.php (PHP File)
    • order_packingslip.php (PHP File)
    • order_print.php (PHP File)
    • outstanding.php (PHP File)
    • pay.php (PHP File)
    • preview_gallery.php (PHP File)
    • profile.php (PHP File)
    • register.php (PHP File)
    • robots.txt (TEXT File)
    • rss.php (PHP File)
    • search.php (PHP File)
    • select_category.php (PHP File)
    • sell.php (PHP File)
    • sellermails.php (PHP File)
    • selling.php (PHP File)
    • sellsimilar.php (PHP File)
    • send_email.php (PHP File)
    • upldgallery.php (PHP File)
    • user_login.php (PHP File)
    • user_menu.php (PHP File)
    • validate.php (PHP File)
    • viewallnews.php (PHP File)
    • viewhelp.php (PHP File)
    • viewnews.php (PHP File)
    • yourauctions.php (PHP File)
    • youracutions_c.php (PHP File)
    • yourauctions_p.php (PHP File)
    • yourauctions_s.php (PHP File)
    • yourauctions_sold.php (PHP File)
    • yourbids.php (PHP File)
    • yourfeedback.php (PHP File)
    • yourmessages.php (PHP File)
    All of the above in the two lists combined together make up the WeBid Root or the WeBid Core.
    So if you can see all of the above listed Folders and Files from the list you know that you are in the WeBid Root or the WeBid Core.

    NOTE: When you first download WeBid as a zip file from this website and then you go on to unpack that zip file to your computer you will notice that you will have a new folder on your computer called WeBid, the new WeBid Folder is a folder that holds all of the WeBid Root or the WeBid Core Files and Folders so any Files and Folders inside the WeBid Folder are the WeBid Root or the WeBid Core.

    I hope that this helps you to understand what exactly the WeBid Root or the WeBid Core is
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