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    Im just wondering if there is anyone who has the time to help an old fella get an auction site together.
    I've done a lot of programming but little PHP and that was 10 years ago.
    Over 20 years ago I designed small computers using assembler/8051 series micro and from there moved to C, Delphi, C++ C# and so on, but @ 66 years Im really getting too old to do what I once really enjoyed; its not to good for the health!

    Webid has the potential much more so than Drupal which I used to use but I keep finding bugs which without debugging makes it hard to sort.
    Today I tried getting FirePHP to work to help me trace where some code was not working the way I think it should and couldnt get the trace window showing anything.
    ^^ Change; did get it working but need to define variables and instances to get an output; best stick to a local WAMP/Apache setup with proper offline debugging.

    I know what I need in webid which is not much variation from where its at now in 1.1.1.
    But every day Im using Webid I find functions that are incomplete, or non-functional and these need sorting. For example yesterday 2 problems today another 2.
    EG todays: user wants to find out how to pay a seller, click on link to seller and it goes to the sellers profile; not the seller contact form. Fill in the seller contact form and the [Submit] fails. Search forums and there is a fix for this (email_request.php/pay.php) issue which goes back to 2013.

    I have donated a couple of times to the project and any work that I can do to help also would be donated.
    Im a kiwi, married with 3 kids.
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    removed im leaving.
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    Removing "removed im leaving" from latest post queue , as it is bothering me, sorry.
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