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    I have been looking at different scripts online and came accross this forum. I am in need of a programmer who could possibly help me create a site using WeBid. If this is not appropriate then I appologize in advance.

    I am in CAlifornia and I have a very specific need for an auction site. Don't need a lot of bells and whistles. Here is what I need initially:

    Our auction platform is very industry specific and will be a much scaled down version of normal online auction sites. There will be no credit card processing, currency exchanges and all monies and/or funds will be paid through a third party escrow company. The site will only be for US companies and individuals. There will only be 2 primary categories with several sub-categories.

    Important features that will be needed are very specific roles and privileges for users (Sellers, Buyers, Agents, Manager, Staff and Admin) to view specific pages. Only buyers will be allowed to bid and view all auctions details. User and passwords will only be provided by admin after completion of registration process. Passwords will only be good for 45-60 days and will need to be renewed after this time period. Security will need to be paramount. 2 types of auctions will be offered, 1- normal eBay style and 2- seal bid style. Email communication to all users at certain events throughout the auction progression. We will also need to populate pre-written forms and agreements with data from database. Commission and Service Fees reports for all users and activity reports for agents on their Sellers and/or Buyers. Other reports for Sellers and Buyers will also be needed.

    We will also need to build a front end website that explains who we are, what we do and why our service will benefit users. Guest users will not be able to view any auction information.

    This version is to be a functional proof of concept and we expect to begin a final version that will be more robust within 2-3 months after initial version. We will be looking for a long relationship with developer for final versions.

    Thank you.


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