WTS Unlimited Bandwith - Fully anonymous private proxies - 24/7 dedicated support

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    Unlimited Bandwith - Fully anonymous private proxies - 24/7 dedicated support - Very fast activation - On demand locations

    Thank you for taking the time to review our thread and services. All our proxies are highly secure and anonymous with unmetered bandwith.
    We're also featuring the best prices in the market for such service. Please take a look at a short list containing our key features:

    - Pick your proxy. You have the ability to chose the proxies by city, state, country and add them to your shopping cart
    - All our proxies work both on http and https
    - Almost instant activation for proxies - we guarantee that your proxies will be live in under 2 hours
    - Multiple datacenters, current cities:

    Scranton, Pennsylvania
    Chicago, Illinois.
    New York, New York.
    Brooklyn, New York.
    Hollywood, Florida.
    Miami, Florida.
    Los Angeles, California.
    Portland, Oregon.
    Dallas, Texas.
    Atlanta, Georgia.
    Seattle, Washington.
    Monticello, Iowa.

    Ontario, Canada.
    York, United Kingdom.
    Saarland, Germany.
    Utrecht, Netherlands.

    And we're constantly adding new locations.

    - As a customer you can ask us to add custom locations (your order's quantity has an impact on our decision of course)
    - You can refresh your proxies once per month
    - Premium support 24/7 via live support & contact pages no matter how much you purchase
    - Very good pricing and discounts added. Pricing starts at ONLY $2.5/dedicated proxy. For a discount table scheme please consider our pricing page at : http://www.anonymous-proxies.net/index.php?r=site/pricing
    - Dedicated proxies - we don't share proxies so you're the only one using them.
    - 30 day money back guarantee however, this doesn't applies if we detect that you have been using the proxies. We refund only in case of bugs (service not working), or slow/bad service performance.
    - Everything is automated so you don't have to wait for the admins to activate your orders or proxies. Simply complete the purchase and you will be able to use the proxies in no more than 2 hours - usually much faster
    - Professional technical support. We've been doing networking for many years by now so you can bet we can address all your issues in a professional manner.

    We have just added an affiliate program to our website. The program is up and running and ready to accept new users. Our sales statistics show that the average affiliate earning per sale is somewhere around $60 so I doubt you will have any issues making money with us. For those of you interested please visit our website and hit the "Affiliates" link in the top menu.

    Any questions and feedback are welcome. Please visit us at : http://www.anonymous-proxies.net/

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    dedicated proxies

    You can get dedicated proxies from any famous web portal like proxy rental, I'm using their services and no problem yet.
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    you can also find millions by downloading software like charon and diging for proxies then use its built in checkers and even remove any bad ones or any that are non anonimus. WHY PAY for a proxy
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    I am working with Microleaves Dedicated Proxies and it is working fine for me. I also try this one also hope it works fine again for me.

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