small error 4 decimals in Auction Setup Fee

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    i work on fee page in my theme (the link that shows in footer if fee is enabled)
    and something wrong there is 4 decimals after the dot in Auction Setup Fee

    in admin > .Auction Fees > Auction Setup Fee it says
    from 0.00 to 0.00 Increment 0.0000

    also in
    also error in the two similar options
    Buyer Fee and Final Price its when selecting Percent
    maybe it should say % instead of .0000
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    This was covered in many threads for 0.8.5 you have to alter the database tables, If I remember there are quite a few tables with a number 4 that you have to change for a number 2
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    Right nay !
    Dahl you must look in many fields in structure in db .
    ex. change this : 1.jpg
    to this: 2.jpg
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