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    I had changed the folder name of my real Webid because I had bots poking at it but, they weren't getting because of the .htaccess blocks that I had up. These bots kept trying to look at item.php?=30. They don't actually go into your page. It's like they look through a window and transport with a laser beam to where they want to go which I believe is usually the register link at the top of the page. They don't want a lot of attention. If a real user goes in there then the user will trigger more than just two pages. I've already mentioned something like this elsewhere and I have posted my .htaccess blocks somewhere in this forum too so, enough talk about this.

    I mentioned I changed my folder name. I put, a landing page where my Webid page was in the same url and it was working. I was thinking the bots would come in and see there was no item.php?=30 and stop looking for it. I even removed all of my .htaccess block codes. The bots are programmed and will continue to search for a link that used to be there whether it was removed or not.

    I put a trap page up for anything that goes to any of my item.php pages that they would get automatically banned if they went in. NONE of the bad bots went in but, the trap was working. I got a Bingbot in there when it didn't follow my instructions in the robots.txt to stay out of there.

    Nothing worked to keep the bots from poking at the same missing pages so, I renamed my folders again and made the folder name of my real Webid site the name that it was before. This is when I was getting an Error 500 message denying me service to go into both my site and my admin panel. I couldn't get into either. I swapped the temporary folder name back and it was still working. At this point I am confused but, I figured out how to get it work finally. I went to select PHP version because I had upped the version a few months ago. When I got here this morning, I selected a version down and it didn't do anything. I selected back up and it didn't work. I went back a few version and it didn't work. I was still get a 500 error page when I tried to go to my Webid site. Then I clicked Reset to Default. Now it works! It's just one solution I thought I would share with any here that may be looking for one solution for this.
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