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Discussion in 'Requests' started by dlkarakashev, Apr 14, 2017.

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    Can you please fix the "Reserve Price Fee" in the next version to be in percents, because now in the admin menu I can set a flat amount which is not the correct one. For example:
    1. I set the "

    Reserve Price Fee" in the admin menu for 70.00EUR
    2. The seller put a product for a price of 300.00EUR with a "Buy Now" of 500.00EUR.
    3. Somebody wants to reserve the item and pay the 70.00EUR price but didn`t take the item and the seller got offers for 600.00EUR - let`s say here is ok, because the seller gets 70.00EUR clear and can sell the item again.
    BUT if the seller put an item for 5.00EUR? How to charge the buyer 70.00EUR to reserve the item? After this to send him back money? And who pays all the taxes for the transactions?
    My personal opinion is that it`s better to have a "Reserve Price Fee" in percents. Like 80% of the price of the item. You pay this 80% and after this ... If you want it. And like this you don`t pay 70.00EUR for an item cost 5.00EUR, you pay 80% of the price.
    I hope I was clear in my explanation, because even I lost my self two times until I was explaining. :)


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