1.1.1 problems moving my 1.1.0 database to my new 1.1.1 installation

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    Gremlins probably.

    I'm still thinking that my mistake was loading the Social Media mod before importing the database from my existing 1.1.0 site. My evidence of that is the error log -- stretching 100 pages in the Word file I saved it to -- which mentioned Social Media in every single error. "Unknown error type: [2] Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at hatatoriumemporium.com/includes/socialnetwork.php:58) on hatatoriumemporium.com/includes/stats.inc.php line 56." Those 100 pages of errors were all created in 1 day, with no one else on line, no one listing items, and mostly the site in maintenance mode. As soon as I uninstalled the mod, the errors stopped.

    I'm going to try reinstalling the mod now that I've got the new 1.1.1 site working. Wish me luck!
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    Hi I have a similar issue - using same server - I want 3 similar sites except for the domain endings. I copied all my files across and edited the config.php, checked the index.php is the same. but my catagories from the 1st site are showing up in 2 & 3 sites, also the tpl default global header, footer & all other default files don't want to stay in the 2nd & 3rd sites (keep dissapearing when I clear the cache in the back end) therefore the header and footer revert back to the 1st site details -- I also have google analytics code (which I have left the same on all 3 sites as I do no know how to change or add new ones)

    I added in phpmyadmin an index from a drop down box on 2 & 3 sites databases - not sure if that will make a difference until I rewrite all the categories again for the 5th time!

    Also my categories don't work now on the sell an item .

    Hope we can find a solution - I am still using 1.0 as I am worried if I update I will have to start again.
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    Both of you please check and double check your config.php file and the database SETTINGS table for the right URL and path.

    Also when you export a database there are things you need to delete from the exported .sql file in order to import it to your new database, something I forgot (I think) to add to my instructions.

    You need to open the exported .sql file in notepad and delete some stuff before importing it to the new DB.

    Also I think there where some DB changes from 1.0.1 and 1.1.1 with the addition of some tables and stuff, hence things being in the wrong order and it throwing errors, the PHP has to read the database in the right order of the php file, if something is missing in the DB but is there to read in the PHP file you get an error.
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