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Discussion in 'General Support' started by walcott, Feb 7, 2021.

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    Hi All, Long time since I have been on here as I eventually gave up trying to fix the bugs to the WeBid script and there was alot of help available then from some excellent scripters but could still not make it stable. I switched to Osclass instead. I am revamping most of my sites so thought I would take the opportunity to look again at WeBid so downloaded the latest Renlok Master Version 1.2.2 and installed. All seemed to work well and was very impressed until I went to list the first item. All worked fine title, text entered and image uploaded. This all showed fine on the upload page, all there, titles + text + image and all other details then I pressed the upload button and low and behold the item listed without the image, tried another - same result. I was on Modern so switched to Classic theme, same result. Would love to go back to WeBid as the design is so good. I am aware development has stopped but does anybody have a fix for this issue as I am sure others will have found the same. Can find nothing about it on other threads but not many people posting. I see the vitality that used to be a significant factor on this board seems to have drifted away. Would be pleased if there is some help as it a shame if the 'ship is ruined for a hap'orth of tar'.

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