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Discussion in 'General Support' started by Box Lot, Dec 7, 2020.

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    but probably fair that I say I'm basically out of the development and support role here. No one here probably to care but labor or love and deserves a little goodbye for my own closure. Read it or don't read it.

    I do and probably will pop in from time to time but I let my personal sites die and let my customers know that the code had become unwieldy and something I as a small company could no longer support. I "refunded" most of the small businesses I worked with with ongoing technical support that I continue today. I don't leave anyone in the lurch despite them eventually losing their own auction sites. I have integrated a few other coders projects and feel I've more than backed my initial contracts with anyone I've worked with.

    I loved this project and really like Renlok despite never meeting him in person. He is certain of success.

    It's been a fun run really and I've enjoyed the overall work with Renlok and Nay27uk, who had our own history that ended in a friendship and shared dedication to the project. Lots of other great people along the way along with a very few random Aholes who have burned out by themselves for the most part. Such is online life.

    Renlok was relatively young (and smart) so no real surprises that things moved on and the project was left behind. I'm hopeful the resume' reference move him further along.

    Sure, something official should have been said but youth has it's privileges and I knew Ren well enough with our communications to give him a full pass but also hopefully a lesson learned for his future life. Truth is demanding response from a shared code project "leader" is a little out of line as the project becomes yours once you sign on.

    Much respect to Ren, more code savvy then me by a long shot and these days that is valuable. Nothing but the best Renlok! Cool that your project is still alive and growing albeit slower than before. Truth is this can still be uploaded and running for's a fair price for sure.

    This kind of project is not for everyone. It's really not the kind of thing a novice can generally just pop in and get running, support is always needed and there always has to be a cadre or experts. Those experts, with respect to those who have some knowledge here, are lacking at the moment and not like the initial building of the project when we all (I hesitate to include me name frankly) pushed the development from the initial poorly built package.

    You'll see me from time to time but at this point I don't have a site to fool with anymore and can only advice on things that don't involve WeBid specific code. Nay is a hold out and as much a backer as I am so he will be the last source of the original "builders" here.

    Lol, anyone reading this BS? Lol again, felt a certain obligation to the hangers on and maybe even the old school who just pops in to read stuff. I remember the good times and pass on the bullshit and trolls!

    I am ever hopeful for someone to develop a viable auction site to challenge the big boys and would welcome ANY opportunity to work with a company that has that vision. I'll start in the mail room!

    Have fun with this, that was the original purpose despite the potential monetary returns.

    Big ups to Renlock, Nay and the guys who know who they are from the past but I wont enumerate.

    I'm not looking for any response at all. Call it cathartic though I would love if some of the old school guys here who may have watched without comment could pop in to let me know you are alive and kicking, we did some good work here.

    I finish with the hope that I have helped just a couple of people along the way, that is always my mission as a contributor to this kind of project or a moderator of a forum for that matter. I've done both many times and have generally always enjoyed it.

    Keep open source alive and keep (rationally) thinking!
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    @Box Lot It was a pleasure to work with you here even though that I barely saw you here but, I knew you here still watching everything & moderating! If it wasn't for you guiding me to use the .htaccess file to block bots after I first discovered them then, I wouldn't of down the research and learned how to code with the .htaccess file. Thanks! The bots only got more brutal as time went on and were attacking all of my sites until I blocked them. As computers and servers get faster, then so do attacks. Our hunch was right about the Powered by Webid. It's a big attraction for bots. I ran an experiment and my site is pretty quiet now.

    I came in here as a novice coder and I consider myself an intermittent coder now. I had the pleasure of working with you, nay, and @pani100 ! Pani100 did plenty for Webid was an excellent coder and understood it very well. I found a problem and pani100 was there to help and pani100 got the Webid to be able to sell items when I saw a problem and he fixed it. I sold one item just in the nick of time just as he fixed it and it worked at the time. Renlok, was the mastermind behind the whole project and got it running and is an excellent coder. I didn't get to work with him too much as I came in later into the project. @timw255 was the best coder that I had ever seen here and he fast a genius. That guy was fast.

    I learned a lot working on the Webid Project and I am glad after only had taken crash courses on basic coding learning from YouTube videos that I took some real courses and learned the basic coding the way that I should of. I made sure, I understood each language before moving on to he next. Once the coding started to click, most of you thought, I was still that novice hack coder that I was before and I lost some of the credit, especially when I got the image uploader working before. I knew how to get it to work because I worked my tail off getting the jquery image uploaded to work that was added on to Webid. I knew how to get the last version to work because of the jquery one.

    @Box Lot thanks for being here for us when we needed you! It is sad that there became too much competition out there to keep up with demands and it caused people to lose interest here to continue to work on the Webid Project! Webid is an Amazing Project! I never in the World would of thought I would of been working on pages of coding that had thousands of lines of code on them nor that I would learn coding as much as I did or that it would ever click with me like as much as it does now. Nor did I think I would be working with a team of coders like we had here!

    I still check in from time to time to help out but, it's rare to see a new post here when I come in here! Take care Box Lot!
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    Hi @david62311. Love to see you all working together to fix coding issues from time to time. Just to let you know that there are still at least, a little interest here in the script and wiping out issues.
    Thinking that my situations is like yours, starts from a really newbie of php, mysql coding. Now it's been a month since I first installed it on a public hosting, spending about 12hrs per day to learn and fixing issues.
    @Box Lot got someone's reading it. Yes, it's hard to get over with the big boys, and there are grailed and heroin on top of other big brothers out there. The reason i think I might stay in the webid is because this is where I started to serioulsly learn php, html, css, and mysql on top of my basic coding skills.
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    Yeah unfortunately the project has been dead for some time now.
    I am glad that Box Lot has decided to make the official announcement.
    I have been around here since the old 0.8.5 days and have some very fond memories as well as some not so fond ones, It has been a joy being part of the project and I still pop in from time to time.
    I wish everyone that has been a part of this fine project all the best for the future.
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    Hi Guys, You may have seen my post of earlier today in General Support. I would just like to echo all that david 62311 said. This project gave a great boost to my coding skills but still do not know enough and it was a shame I had to move away from WeBid as in the GS post. I too should like to thank all who helped me from 2011 onward and wish you, all of you, the best for your futures.
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    I had a feeling this was going to be the case, it been a long time since the last real update, I swung by today because I was having an error with sessions. If you can, please crack some ads on the site to cover the hosting of webidsupport so that we can continue to support each other even though I know you are stepping down.

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