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    If you are running your own server then you need to install a mail server as well, then tie both servers together to work in unison.

    If you have no mail server installed and configured then this = NO EMAILS, in other words if you have not installed and configured a mail server then the web server can send no emails or receive any emails.

    A web server and an email server are two totally different servers that are then tied to each other.

    If you have already installed and set up a mail server then you need to check the DNS records for your domain and make sure you have DNS entries or the correct DNS entries for the mail server in your domains DNS.

    For more help on setting up a server and mail server visit your servers website or operating systems website and search their help sections and forums for the following terms.

    Setting up and configuring a web server
    Setting up and configuring a mail server
    Setting up and configuring a database server
    DNS Settings and configuration

    If your on a hosting plan first talk with your hosting provider to try and resolve the problem as this is not a WeBid problem but is 99.99% usually a problem on the hosts part such as disallowing email from @nobody, @localhost or @domain.

    They should give you a good idea as why emails are not getting sent.

    You can also look at these forum threads for more help.

    Using WeBid with SMTP settings

    Gmail Settings
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