My Moderation will no longer include friendly reminders. Please read the Rules.

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Box Lot, Mar 18, 2014.

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    Just a heads up. Sorry in advance for it being so long but want to make it clear since the posted rules do not appear to be having their desired effect.

    This is not directed at any single user here.

    Please consider this entire posting as one made as the moderator as I wear two hats given that I am a long term user as well :).

    I've posted here for all to read/not read if they wish and I see no reason to make an announcement as my intentions are simply as they should be as a moderator here.

    Mostly because of a number of users reacting with negative helpful posting ratings to my personal profile for my friendly reminders (without any effect to their reputation here and without official infractions) I will no longer post those simple reminder notations of the rules here as I have always done to date.

    Users should read and know the rules and abide by them. This is standard procedure for any forum online today and most here and online respect that.

    Most users in other forums I've been involved with (both as a user and moderator btw) also don't lash out at the moderators and/or (much worse yet) delete (or fully edit away) their postings as I have seen in a number of cases as some form of punishment which untimely only effects the community at large.
    It is, at the very least, unprofessional.

    The rules are in place for organization and coherence just as the layout of the various forums are. Without either then postings would be random, in a single thread more then likely, run-on forever with tangent after tangent and basically hard to follow for anyone who comes after the posting user.

    The postings aren't simply to solve YOUR immediate issue but to push the project as a whole and to provide support for everyone here now AND in the future.

    It is set up all in the interest of providing coherent and easy to follow postings for everyone and it is particularly important for a technical forum and become more and more important as the longevity of the project increases.

    Personally the negative ratings of my postings don't bother me in the least but, on the other hand, I certainly don't need to take the extra step to be friendly with reminders rather then issuing infractions only to find unread "messages" noting negative posting ratings in my user control panel.
    If that is the end result then I should probably not cut corners and do the job right with the issuing of infractions when stated rules are broken.

    Please note that multiple infractions of course result in temporary bans as noted in the rules. I don't believe any user here would ever go so far as to be banned all together but that of course is a possibility though a decision like that I would always consult with Renlok and/or the other moderators before taking such actions.

    As a team we have always discussed the rare "problem" user here and all of our efforts are in the interest of the project and the community as a whole and not a single user who becomes upset about the structure and rules here. Even then we don't want to remove someone who simply may lack the maturity to react correctly to the structure and rules here and to the best of my knowledge no one has ever been ousted.

    I apologize if my notations (again, without warnings or penalties which are actually warranted given the posted rules) have somehow personally offended any user here but I certainly hope that the direct help I provided as a user is useful and appreciated. More often then not my notes are followed by direct help. I think my intentions overall here in all these years is extremely clear to the vast majority.

    Moderation of a forum is not to be taken personally and there is little that I can do for those who have often acted in the extreme despite my technique of reminding rather then penalizing. Truth is I believe I have only every issued a single infraction here in all my time as a moderator and then only after numerous and fair warning.

    I will continue to monitor these forums but in the future infractions will be issued as apposed to reminders.

    Please take the time to read the rules that are at the top of all forums.

    Most issues have involved double posting and continuous questions in a single thread.
    -As an example for these issues I will issue infractions and delete the double postings or edit out the run-on questions with a notation to the user in the infraction to start a new thread. If time and space permits I will try to copy the additional run-on questions posed to the user in the infraction.
    -Flaming another user (including the moderators) here or baiting them to get a reaction unrelated to the technical nature of these forums will result in an instant infraction and, depending on the magnitude of the comment, may result in a temporary ban. No personal attacks should ever occur here. I will further remove the user's comments.
    -Signatures are to be Webid based only. Invalid signatures will be removed and an infraction issued. Replacement of the signature will result in a temporary or permanent banning.

    To most of you here this means nothing as you've already familiarized yourself and that's a good thing and to be fair a number of you have also thanked me for my reminders and I really appreciate that (though I don't expect it).
    For these people I apologize for taking your time with this posting but I do want to make it clear before I start strict enforcement
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