Moved to new server - Having now PHP 7 - WeBid 1.0.3 not able to connect to DataBase

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    Hello every one! Nice to be at the forum again.

    Here is my situation: For 7 + years I have been successfully utilizing WeBid 1.0.3 in my site. I fully customized it, people like it very much. Some of you, at the Forum, are familiar with it.

    About two weeks ago I moved my site to a new server with the same hosting company I am with for 20 + years. The old server, where WeBid was operating in an excellent way, had PHP 5 and HTTP. The new server has PHP 7 and HTTPS. When trying to access WeBid now, I only get a BLANK PAGE the server error log shows the problem is mainly with FUNCTIONS_GLOBAL.PHP specifically with the following strings:

    // Database connection
    if (!mysql_connect($DbHost,$DbUser,$DbPassword)) die();
    if (!mysql_select_db($DbDatabase)) die();

    And also:
    function global_class()

    Error due to the fact that PHP 7 does not use mysql_connect anymore but mysqli_connect and function global_class has been deprecated.

    It also seems there are some situations with the coding in that the new server with PHP 7 and HTTPS can not resolve.

    I have tried different corrections to the coding with no success.

    I have done so much customizing to my WeBid 1.0.3 through the past 7 years and it was working so great until two weeks ago that I prefer to stay with it and not to install the new WeBid version.

    Does any one of you, dear colleagues, have any directions for me in what changes should I make to the coding and in which specific files and strings to be able to resolve this problem and continue using my WeBid Version 1.0.3 in the new server with PHP 7 and HTTPS?

    Thank you so much!!
    Mario Grinfeld

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