Make WeBid Safer from Hackers, rename your Admin folder

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    May 28, 2012
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    My admin was attacked yesterday and so I've been forced to take some preventative measures. Amazingly, WeBid held out against the hack, but I will advise everyone to at least rename your admins.

    I found that if you want to change the admin folder name and update the links that point to it, you have to find 159 files across the site that refer to the Admin.

    (1) Back up your entire server contents!!

    (2) Change the Admin to 'Newname'

    (3) Using Dreamweavers' (or any program that can search within folders and files) find and replace function, search globally for instances of 'admin/' and replace them with 'Newname/'

    (4) Now search the themes/admin/ folder for instances of 'themes/Newname/' and if find any, change them all back to 'themes/admin/'

    Additional anti-hacker discussion in thread this posting was copied from:
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