just a quick one re (SEO/Getting your site seen)

Discussion in 'Business' started by peteware, Mar 31, 2010.

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    just a quick one re (SEO/Getting your site seen)
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    Well of course keep in mind that your search criteria, "WeBid", is probably not something people would be searching for to use your service. Still good to be one of the first WeBids though and can't hurt traffic!

    Better tests are with terminology used in the items sold on your site and/or generics like "auction", "auctions" (these examples will be the toughest nuts to crack of course as the words are so common).

    :) Certainly not trying to put a damper on your results and all positioning ultimately helps but it is important to do the analysis with meaningful traffic driving criteria.

    It's a common thing I've seen working with other auction sites. Mostly with individual users though who would enter their full lengthy product description to search and the joyfully note that the item comes up first but most searchers would only put in a few key words used in the item title.

    For a user example they would put something like:
    "Beautiful Ivy and Fruit Napco China Platter Like New"
    when it is probably more likely it would be searched:
    "Napco platter" or, "Ivy Napco plate", etc.

    Now with your site name then you should probably panic if that doesn't bring you up first! Again, if people know your URL it is unlikely they will search for it.

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