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    I am currently building a unique platform called with the ultimate goal of providing any business who wants to have their own inhouse auction site through the acquisition of a sub domain of our primary site.

    I've created a demo site at and I'll releasean admin username and password similar to whats available through Softaculous.

    Moving forward though, I'd like to know if anyone here would like to use this sub domain offer to build their own unique auction URL. Remember once the sub-domain is taken its gone.

    Your company or preferred trading name followed by

    I'm going to start off with a £19.99 monthly fee, that way anyone can use the site for a specific purpose to sell last minute stock via their own auction portal.

    For anyone who would like to build their own brand around a specific sub domain, we would offer a multi-year leasing option starting at 2 years, and up to 10 years, similar to a standard domain name.

    I also would like to make sure that for every domain we lease out, 50% of it's monthly fee goes back as a donation to WeBid to help generate funding for the developers.

    Theme sales or any other mods could be offered as upgrades etc and I would provide a separate store for those across of interested.

    Amy thoughts on this or feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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