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    NOTE:: This is now outdated as of WeBid 1.1.1

    Members seem to keep asking this question over and over again so I am posting this thread in here, all future posts regarding this will be directed to this thread.

    Questions asked are.

    My images don’t show on the site?
    Why won’t my pictures show?
    I upload pictures and they don’t show up?
    Uploaded images not showing?

    Etc Etc

    Questions that have been answered far to many times.

    This is because you have to create a thumbnail by cropping the first image.

    The solution

    First of all you and your clients really should read carefully the instructions on the image upload pages (EVERY INSTRUCTION FOR SUCSESSFUL UPLOAD ARE PROVIDED ON THE UPLOAD PAGES).

    Instructions for a successful upload

    (1) From the sell page click the ‘Upload Pictures’ link, this opens a new window where you upload your pictures
    (2) Follow the INSTRUCTIONS TEXT carefully at each step
    (3) Click the ‘Upload Image’ Button
    (4) On the next page you see your image this is where you CROP IT to make the thumbnail
    (5) Click on your image and hold on to the mouse button, Drag the mouse from top left corner to bottom right corner and let go (this selects the area to crop)
    (6) Scroll down and click on the ‘Save Thumbnail’ Button
    (7) You are now back on the first screen to upload more images (you will not have to crop the other images)

    That’s it, it really is very, very easy

    If your images still do not show after following the instructions then it is a problem either with javascript on your computer not working properly or a problem with your hosting providers servers or you may need to sett the permissions on the uploaded folder of webid to 755 or 777.
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