How to move WeBid to a new server

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    This is one that has been asked a few times in the past and I thought it would fit right in to this forum.

    Following are instructions that I have gained through my own experience and that I have come to know work for moving WeBid from one server to another.

    The below instructions will work for both a live WeBid install and clean WeBid install the differences being that if your WeBid is live you will need to manually reset each member's password and then email all your members and tell them their new password and ask them to change their password back to something they want and remember.

    This is due to how WeBid stores password combinations in the database, when a user joins your webid site on your domain the password is passed and stored in the database at the same time a special HASH as well as a MD5 HASH also get randomly created and stored to the database, I believe that one or both of those randomly generated HASHES has some information regarding the DOMAIN stored in it as well as some other random stuff like a md5 string from

    This means that when you transfer your database to a new server all of the users passwords become non working, this is what I have gathered through my experiences of moving WeBid from server to server so if your site is live and your moving servers you will have no alternative but to do as I mentioned above and manually reset each users password.

    This little problem also has the same affect on all of the admin passwords.

    To move your WeBid to another server follow my instructions bellow.

    1) Login to PHPMyadmin and select your WeBid database, now click on the export tab at the top of the page and save it as SQL format to your computer somewhere.

    2) Next login to your FTP and navigate to your install of WeBid and download all WeBid files and folders to your computer.

    3) Now login to CPanel on your new server and create a new database and database user with full privileges.

    4) Login to PHPMyadmin on the new server and select your new database you just made, Click on the IMPORT tab at the top and choose the SQL file you downloaded in step 1 and click on the GO Button, this imports everything from the old database into your new database, if everything went ok you will now see the WeBid table structure in the left panel.

    5) Click on the webid_adminusers table in the left panel, click on browse tab at the top, now place a check mark in the little box beside all admin users, scroll down and select either drop selected or delete selected. This removes all of the admin users from the database.

    6) Now click on the webid_settings table in the left hand panel, click the browse tab at the top, Now click on EDIT or the icon of a pencil, look for the section named SITEURL in the box enter your new site domain including the / at the end like this scroll right to the bottom of the page and click on the GO button.

    7) You can now close PHPMyadmin we are done with it.

    The next steps are where it can get confusing so follow them carefully if you already know the exact path to where your going to be installing WeBid you can ignore step 8 and 9

    8) Login to FTP on your new server and upload a fresh version of WeBid to where you will be putting the original copy you downloaded in step 2.

    9) Run the install of the fresh copy of WeBid but do not go any further than the first page.

    10) From the first page of the install you need to copy the information in the box next to where it says DOCUMENT ROOT copy and past this information into notepad and just leave it open on your desktop.

    11) Now close your browser and go back into your FTP and delete all of the WeBid stuff you uploaded in step 8.

    12) Navigate to the includes folder in your original download the one you downloaded in step 2 and open

    13) Go back to notepad and copy the information you pasted to it in step 10.

    14) In past that information on line 7 replacing what is already there DO NOT REPLACE THE BIT SAYING $main_path = your pasting the information after that between the two " " so for example

    15) Still in alter lines 2 - 5 to represent your new server settings, your new database name etc.

    16) Close and save

    17) Go back to your FTP and upload all the files from step 2 including your newly edited

    18) Go to the admin URL for WeBid you will be asked to enter a new admin username and password, do that then you can login to admin again.

    OK, if you already have auctions listed you will need to complete the next steps "Very Important If you want the pictures to show"

    19) Go back into FTP and open the uploaded folder then the cache folder inside the uploaded folder uploaded/cache.

    20) Delete everything in the uploaded/cache folder but do not delete the file named purge.

    And that's it your transfer is compleat.
    Remember if your site was a live site with members then you will need to manually change each users password in the admin back end then email each member the new password and ask them to login and change their password to something they want and remember.
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