1.0.3 How to Change/Add/Remove/Fix Rates of WeBid Currency

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    Becausei have lost 3 days trying to figure out how it works I will explain very deep how this thing works.

    First of all if you want to add a new currency follow Dahlsvarehus.com thread http://www.webidsupport.com/forums/showthread.php?5487-Adding-new-currency-(MKD)&highlight=Currency HERE

    Second no matter what currency you use to get the converter work properly go to /includes folder and open in a php editor currencies.php. In order that you have the database setted up in table rates you must change in currencies.php for example: array('from' => '0', 'to' => '0', 'rate' => '0.0000')

    So if your currency in rates table are no 1 euro and no 2 RON you must edit in currencies.php the line array('from' => '2', 'to' => '1', 'rate' => 'x.xxxx') where x.xxxx is the value of monetary conversion (1 EURO = 4.44RON ) ==> ('from' => '2', 'to' => '1', 'rate' => '4.44').

    Go to admin area and clear cache if they are enabled and then test your currency converter.

    Have a nice day!
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