How to add a currency?

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    If your currency is not added by default or you want to add a custom currency, heres a short guide how.

    Open your SQL manager (most people use phpmyadmin, so this guide will assume you do too)

    1. Now you have phpmyadmin open you have to select the webid database which will be displayed on the left hand side php1.png
    2. You should now be on a screen that looks similar to this php2.png
    3. At the top there is a link the says SQL, click it php3.png
    4. You will now have the textbox where you enter the query

    Here is the query
    INSERT INTO `webid_rates` VALUES (NULL, 'Country', 'Currency', 'XXX');
    Before you run it replace Country which where the currency is from Currency with the name of the currency and XXX with the 3 digit currency code (if it has one) that can be found

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