How do I set up my site so there is only one seller?

Discussion in 'Commonly Asked Questions and Their Solutions' started by renlok, Dec 13, 2013.

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    OK this has been posted loads and I have been emailed this question loads so its about time it was added here.

    WeBid is set up so you can easily define who can buy and who can sell this is done by putting users into usergroups. By default there are two user groups buyers and sellers, and every new user is added to both groups.

    You want to set it so users are by default added only to the buyers usergroup
    1. Open the admin panel
    2. Click users tab
    3. Click user groups on the side menu
    4. You then want to Edit the sellers group
    5. Set Auto Join to No
    6. Now all new users will only be able to buy, older members will have to have their settings manually changed
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