Hi.... My name is Mike, and er um,,, I am a dummy

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    I am going to ask some questions that will go so far under you collective heads that you wont know how to answer them I am sure.
    Bare in mind the title when providing technical answers...
    I have read the DOCS file, I have searched here and there on the forum, I have posted a thread or two and been given some advice, some of which helped... some of which did not... not because the advice was poor quality, but because the advisee was stooopid.
    Any way...
    I have hosting with a out of the box shared hosting provider. (Host papa) I am fairly sure that the servers are apache (not sure)
    I have Cpanel installed through the account and chose to use the weBid script with Sofaculous (SP?)
    Initially i only had the main domain (the one that Came with the hosting package so the idea was... install a few scripts, see if they could be made to leverage some benefit on our final offering and then if required buy additional domain names and install the tested an trialed scripts directley under the new domain names as addons under our primary domain.
    In principal this was a good idea... The first step went well... I discovered that weBid seemed to be (And no doubt is ) awsome and full of features. Plan working so far. (The only issue i had was a couple of errors that required url open to be allowed (thanks Nay) on the server. problem solved for now. everything seemed to function. (I did not check nor did I change the file or directory permissions as I assumed that the installation system would correct an set the permissions to what they should be for full functionality to occur...???
    There was one and only one persistant issue that een now i have not been able to solve and that is the issue with the faq generator. (it is still not saving edits... Permission thing i guess) (Note to self. need to recheck other editor sections to see if there are issues with saving changes there too.) so anyway -
    off I went to the domain supermarket and paid for a new domain.... I added the addon details through cPanel, installed the script and thats when everything went pear shaped.

    Photos (Some types) are not loading to the preview pane in the uploader.. and of course not showing up in the listing. Yes my file sizes are set high (12000kb) width is wiiiiide as default and I have even tried 3000 plus pixels wide. Thumbs ect as recommended.... Extension is being corrected but funny you should think that (A little pre-emtive on my part) It is ONLY those JPGS not jpgs that seem to have issues...

    SO in light of the dummy factor, here is my stupendously difficult set of questions....
    a) when installing with a third party installer called softaculous, do I need to change permissions? - Short answer will probably be yes because as noted some of the listed ones are NOT as req. - does not solve my issues though I have tried to change permissions to no effect)

    b) when installing the script with the insatller to an addon domain (ie primarydomain.com.au/addondomain.com.au- webid script installed here (Not in a directory so webid index is reffed on addon domain name only). will I have to get the host to allow open_url - Allow agin on the server or is that only needed once? AND is there any other issues that may creep in going down this road of installation....

    Please feel free to poke fun at me with plenty of difficult questions that I will have no chance of answering.... Now go and have a shave, your beard has grown an inch since you started to read this.

    Thanks in advance for any help that may come from this... I am at the point of giving the whole idea away, which is no fault of the script. I can clearly see that it can be made to work... I just cant figure it out.
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    One question per posting please and make titles indicate the content.

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