Get up and running with WeBid for $10 install plus $5 a month

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    Don't have a domain name, Hosting or would just rather have someone else install WeBid.

    Well, I can help you then by installing the Free WeBid Auction Script for you on one of my hosted servers. You can then decide how best to proceed with your auction site in the future after using it for a month. Cancel anytiime but, the install fee and 1st month are NON-REFUNDABLE.

    Please Note: I do NOT provide script mods or bug fixes as I am not a PHP programmer. WeBid Forum Community can help you with this.

    This is what you get for your subscription:

    1. Use of domain name as follows:


    2. All Wedid (single install) files are uploaded to your auction site.

    3. All Free official WeBid updates are applied free.

    4. A purchased copy of the Offical WeBid Community Developed User Guide.

    Please Note: FTP access will NOT be included for your auction site. Please email me for options if you need FTP access to your hosted WeBid script files.

    Contact me: .

    Include what admin login name and password you want.

    I will then email you my paypal payment link. If you use a credit card, I can start next day. If you use a bank draft payment it could be 3-5 business days before PayPal completes payment.


    Rob Cooper
    Cedar Rapids, IA (USA)

    Here are examples of my work: (soon to be 2,000 local auction sites in USA)
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