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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by david62311, Jan 8, 2021.

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    Well, I accidentally went on to ebay and it tricked me into signing up for an account asking me which Chrome account I wanted it connected to and I clicked one of my two accounts and it signed me up. What they have done to e-bay is incredible. Webid is nowhere close to being like e-bay at this point. From the glimpse, I saw, it's more Google fluid like format than what we got here in Webid which is more old school here. I am guessing Google is somehow affiliated with ebay somehow.

    I didn't want the e-bay account. It took me some time to delete it.

    We were doomed when Facebook started to open up it's marketplace. e-bay was pretty much doomed too but, if Google is running it then they might be doing well. I thought e-bay died many years ago.

    I did enjoy working on the Webid Project! It was fun! I learned a lot about coding and online security working with the team of good people here.

    Did anybody have an success selling items? I sold one rare car part item. My site was barely running at the time but, somehow I got it to work the buyer. I know the search engines had no problem finding the items on my page. When I searched for them they came up on the first search page. My biggest problem that I had was I didn't have much of anything to sell. That's why I didn't have much luck with my Webid site. I will be very happy to hear if someone here had success selling items using the Webid script. Please let us know if you did!

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    Yes. I have done good time with selling many things. I can still sell more but I need spend more work with it. I have new ideas to upgrade this great script and many many new features. I know how to reach top and send ebay to vacation. Only team can survive.
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    Well I am going to giver a go anyways and see if marketing will help.

    But mostly I am just offering the auction as a cheap place to buy and sell in a niche area to my regular users and try to attract new users.

    I have had some interest from my regular users when I polled them so we'll see.

    If they use it frequently I may charge a small fee.

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