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    Wow WeBid still here!:) Its been a long time. For all WBbid users…

    Domain name registration cheaper on just type Domain Name Registration in ebay search box.
    .org £1.98 £4.50 (For 2years Reg)
    .com £2.99 £4.50 (For 2years Reg)
    .biz £3.50
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    Always best register domain with your host.
    and some hosts charge more if domain is hosted other place so nothing to save there.
    and my host manage my domain so just one bill
    tho cant argue its cheep :)
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    That's ridiculous. There is no reason to combine DNS registration and hosting if you can get a better deal on one or the other elsewhere. And - if you know what you're doing - you'll also want to choose a company to buy your domain name from that will actually let you manage it yourself, regardless of where the site is actually hosted. But the 2 companies I know of that let you fully manage your own domains have ridiculous hosting prices. And the hosting companies with the best prices usually have the domain registration as an add-on to make some extra money, and charge you more for it than you need to pay. If your host charges more because you bought your domain name somewhere else, it's time to look for another host.

    (Disclosure: I have a web hosting company. But I don't sell domain registrations because I believe that's a separate business.)
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    let them charge more i have to do less ^^

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