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    Project Description:
    A mod is needed to for v 1.1.0 of the webid auction platform. Currently platform is written to accommodate each item as an auction which is like ebay. I need to be able to create Auction Events which will have a time, date, place, etc. which will have items under the auction event. An example of this structure can be seen at

    Quick view of the pages needing development

    The landing page should list the Auction Events along with leaving the options currently built in for featured items and hot lots.
    Once you enter the auction events then the items in that auction event would be listed.
    The High bidder on each item needs to be listed when displaying the list of items in the event.
    A page would be needed for the seller to create the event with the pertinent fields.
    When adding items to the event seller would need the ability to select auction in which it's being added
    Admin would need rights to approve or disapprove auction and or items once the seller has created the event
    A bulk up loader would be needed to accept csv. file for adding items to the event available for sellers
    A bulk picture up loader to add pictures to the items based upon file name available for sellers
    Error and Bug free
    Skills required:
    HTML, MySQL, PHP, Website Design, Website Testing

    DONE - Completed!! This mod has been completed. No further need for help.
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    Since this has been completed, any interest in sharing the mod with forum?
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    This is a 3 year old thread the chance of that happening now is unfortunately quite slim
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    Shame, I'm looking for exact same thing!

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