Select Category Dynamic Dropdown Mod Rev 1.1

Dynamically Populating Dropboxes for the select category pages when setting up an auction

  1. pani100
    Dynamically Populating Dropboxes for the select category pages when setting up an auction.

    This works for normal category and secondary category selection, and has been tested on various devices for compatibility.
    Normal category is re-populated if returned at any point when changing the selected category.

    Notice: This mod is heavily based on jquery code and uses ajax calls, so it you are after a mod where things also work when jquery/javascripts are not supported, or are disabled in the user's browser this is not for you, or you could modify the tpl to allow a <noscript> alternative action.

    Installation for Default theme:
    (1) Backup 2 files: select_caterory.php and themes/default/select_category.tpl
    (2) Download the below zip file and extract it.
    (3) Drop all files and folders inside the folder named "contenets_to_drop_in_root folder" into your webid root folder.
    This will overwrite the 2 previous mentioned backed up files : select_caterory.php and themes/default/select_category.tpl
    And it also adds 2 images to your /images/ folder
    which are needed for the mod.

    Installation for other themes:
    I have detailed any modifications added in the select_caterory.php so you would need to manually add them into your select_caterory.php.
    And then you would need to style your themes select_category.tpl around this mod's select_category.tpl.
    Don't forget to add the 2 images in the /images/ folder.


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    ========= TERMS AND CONDITIONS =========
    Pani100 is the author of this mod.
    Users may use this mod, free of charge, on both personal and non payed for commercial Webid web sites.
    Web designers who wish to use this mod in their paid web site projects or users who wish to incorporate parts of this mod into other
    programs whose distribution conditions are different, write to the author to ask for permission.
    Users agree not to claim the mod to be work of their own.
    You may modify to mod to customize it based on your needs.
    Users agree not to use this mod for illegal purposes, or on pages containing illegal material.
    Users agree not to hold the author liable for any damages resulted from proper or improper use of this mod. Use at your own risk.
    By using this mod, you understand that you have read and agreed to the above usage terms. These terms will be strictly enforced, and violators will face criminal charges.

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