Prevent Site Access To Known Bad Bots with Project Honey Pot V1.0

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  1. pani100
    WeBid Version:
    • 1.1.1/1.1.2
    Project Honey Pot Mod
    This mod requires a free registration on
    Once you register with Project Honey Pot, you can create your unique access key which you need to add into the functions_honeypot.php line 23.
    Just download, extract and drop the functions_honeypot.php in your includes folder and add your key on line 23.
    Then in common.php (for recent webid versions) or includes/ (for older webid versions) find
    include $include_path 'template.php';
    and replace with
    include $include_path 'template.php';
    $include_path 'functions_honeypot.php');
    Thats all, then keep an eye on the logs/block.log and see any blocked bots trying to access your site. If they are humans and want to access the site they would click the link on the warning page and they would then show as unblocked.

    This mod has been in another thread in bits and pieces but thought I would place it here to make it more visible and easier to follow
    It does the following
    First of all it checks to see if a cookie exists on the visitors side 'notabot' .
    If not found it gets the ip (re arranges it) and sends it to Project Honey Pot.
    If that is not in their bad ip list it does nothing else.
    If it is in the bad list it creates a log, and brings up a page where the user can click a link which in turn adds a cookie. This lets us know it is a human and now with the cookie he will be allowed on site with no problems.

    -If there is a cookie present, it just logs the visit.
    This is good because only the bad ip's need to have a cookie present and we are keeping a close eye on their visits.
    All good bots still get through with no issues.
    Once again if your ip is not in the bad list you do not need to do anything at all and no log is happening.

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    Version: V1.0
    Thanks Pani!