Pretty URLs Mod 2015-05-20

Make clean URLs for WeBid

  1. SloBros
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    • 1.0.2
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    Pretty URLs Mod

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    Title: Pretty URLs
    Version(s): 1.0.2
    Credits: SloBros
    Install Time: 5min
    Install Difficulty: easy
    Description: Make clean URLs for WeBid
    Demo: Used Wiiu
    Files/List of changes

    The pretty urls must be made manually, otherwise the WeBid code structure would have to be totally re-written; and that is very expensive. This mod_rewrite can be used as a rough substitute until a better solution is made.

    This mod allows urls like this:
    to be accessed like this:
    How to install:

    Download the Pretty URLs mod and upload it to the WeBid root installation, overwritting browse.php, item.php, and .htaccess files

    How to make a pretty URL:

    To make a pretty url, you will need to know the item's name and the item's id number given by WeBid when you created the item. The format of a pretty url is:

    It is the item's name separated by hyphens, with the WeBid generated id at the very end. You can find the item's id# by looking at its normal url, for example:

    The item id number here is 2

    Category pretty urls can also be made along the same lines.
    For example,

    the category link:
    can be written as:
    notice that unlike items, "/products/" is needed for categories.

    Official site:

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