Pho3niX90 SEO and SEF URLS WeBid 0.7.0 ONLY

Create SEO Urls for WeBid

  1. Pho3niX90
    WEBID 0.7.0 ONLY

    Installation Time: 5Mins (New installations / Fresh Copies) to 1 Hour for custom installations
    This mod transforms the url on your site from the basic urls to Search engine friendly urls.

    It auto creates the links, only need to install this once. Thereafter everything is automated.

    To This:



    To This:

    Beta Version:
    Currently only converts the item.php and browse.php. Rest to come in future updates.


    I might have forgot to add something to the documentation, if so, please post all your bugs/errors here, will reply withing a couple of hours with help.

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