New Admin Email Settings 2015-05-06

Gives additional email settings, and options to via mail(), smtp, qmail, sendmail

  1. pani100
    After having a few users with email problems on setting up, and having my site blocked for sending out thousands of emails, I have produced this mod which should make life easier setting up and testing email options.
    It is based on PHPMailer, which includes normal php mail, smtp, qmail, sendmail and the best of all NO MAIL!
    You can choose from any of the above and the standard Webid mail from a dropdown.
    It does require updated jquery and ui and instructions are in the readme file.
    Setup the email of choice, for Smtp enter/configure all additional settings and fire away test emails. You can also enter additional emails to send all admin email too on top of the standard main site email. All errors get logged into the standard error log. This can be helpful when setting up working out what is causing the problem, or monitoring all emails sent out for errors.
    New page for the admin named emailsettings.php and it gets added into the settings page.
    Once tested we can add it to the mod section, so get testing and see what you think.
    Feedback welcome.

    Download here
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