Item Location Mod 1

View item state instead of country on items page

  1. drakky20
    WeBid Version:
    • 1.0.3
    firstly I'd like to say I love this script , I am not a php coder but wanted to have something different on the items page I wanted to be able to view ctiy state and postcode instead of country and postcode , I also wanted the seller to be able to
    list a different city state and postcode for the item location so I've been playing with the code but am not sure of exactly what I'm doing but anyways I seem to have this working I would like to share this as someone else might find it useful but was wondering if you could look it over and maybe check that it is all right please , because as I really know nothing about what I'm doing , thanks :eek:

    oh nearly forgot it's based on a clean installation on the default theme