Image resize script alternative WeBid 1.2.* ONLY

Replaces stock image resize script with mThumb

  1. pani100
    WeBid Version:
    • 1.2.*
    Just been playing around with an alternative to the stock webid getthumb. The source can be found here:
    If you are having problems with your images being different sizes and pushing divs all over the place this could be a good solution.
    Everything has been setup and uses the existing webid images format so nothing needs to be changed. Rename your root/getthumb.php to something else (etc: getthumb_.php) and drop the new getthumb.php in the root folder. It should work straight out of the box.
    In getthumb.php, in the last function at the bottom of the script you can change a few things there:
    protected function webidLink() {
    if (isset(
    $_GET['fromfile'])) { $_GET['src'] = $_GET['fromfile']; }
                if (isset(
    $_GET['w'])) { $_GET['h'] = $_GET['w']; }
    $_GET['zc'] = '2'// can be  1 , 2 or 3

Recent Reviews

  1. Giuseppe
    Version: WeBid 1.2.* ONLY
    Doesn't work
  2. tes3awi
    Version: WeBid 1.2.* ONLY
    Fixes Divs beaing Scrambled on Home Page. Well Done!