Finnish translation 1.1.* 2015-11-19

Tested only with GitHub version as of 19-Nov-2015 (RENAME ZIP to tar.gz)

  1. Umbu
    WeBid Version:
    • 1.1.0
    Hi folks,

    I made (a partial) Finnish translation for a site that trades games. Most of the user-side interface seems to be translated ok, I will release new versions if I have time. If you want to have ANY kinds of auctios (not just games), replace
    words "peli*" with "tuote*" in - using sed for example.

    Please note that the ZIP -file is actually .tar.gz -file, so rename it before extracting it!

    Instructions: Make a COPY of the English language folder "EN" and rename it to "FI". Then delete the file in the new FI folder. Then copy the .tar.gz file there and then extarct it. That's it! You may use the included FI.gif -flag also.