Espanol Language for the 1.2.1(p2) Webid Version 1.2.1(p2)

Spanish Translations

  1. david62311
    An update message to this zip file. Please rename the categories.php file to when you get the files.

    Spanish is updated for the latest Webid 1.2.1(p2) script.

    The emails folder with email files inside images folder with image files inside.
    categories.php file added
    categories_select_box.php file added file updated Translations to match the EN/ file in th 1.2.1(p2) version.

    • Download this ES zip file
    • If you have an existing ES folder in your Language file then please back it up before installing this...just in case something goes wrong.
    • Upload it to the languages folder and unzip everything there.
    • Clear your cache if you need to and see if it works.
    My updates for Spanish will be made here if it needs to be updated.

    Any suggestions on improving something there will be Welcomed!

    If you want to help out with coding other Languages then go here to the main translation pages and fork a copy to your own github page. Spanish should be coming to this link once the proposal gets accepted. We could use some help from people who speak the Language fluently. A lot of the Languages in that link are barely started and Github is the perfect place for a team to work on them. I can create the messages quickly but, I need someone that speaks the Languages fluently to proofread the messages.

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    Thomas Kälber
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