B&Bcolor theme for admin area and auction area 2015-04-28

B&Bcolor theme for admin area and auction area

  1. jjjason84
    These themes are 2 different themes that had the default CSS codes updated and also uses javascript for color changer and fancybox.

    The color changer allows the users to change the colors of the webid well viewing it. It includes Blue, Green and Red colors you can add more colors to the webid each color has it's own CSS file that changes the color of the webid.

    Auction area DEMO
    Please do not change the user password when you are logged in.
    The home page countdown is not included in this theme sorry.
    user: testers
    pass: testers

    Admin area DEMO
    Please do not change any passwords when you are logged in.
    user: admintest
    pass: admintest

    The webid auction area and the admin area uses about 6 different CSS files and about 4 different javascripts files and they are labeled in there own folders.

    Here is the list of CSS files and javascript files and what folders they are in the B&Bcolor theme:
    The admin folder is the same way they are listed below.

    Color changer CSS files:
    Each color css folder has a image folder added with it to help keep track what image belong in what color CSS folder.

    Basic layout CSS files :

    List of javascripts:

    Make a backup copy of your admin theme folder before going on to the install steps.

    Install admin folder:
    1. login to your admin area
    2. go to the Settings tab
    3. find Optimisation and select no then click save changes. By doing this helps loads the new admin theme so it don't look all messed up when you go and click on clear cache after you upload the new admin theme.
    4. Ftp to your server
    5. upload the admin and B&Bcolor folders to your webid/themes folder.
    6. login to your admin area
    7. clear the cache
    8. go to the Settings tab and turn the Optimisation back to yes and click save changes.

    To turn on the B&Bcolor theme:
    1. login to your admin area
    2. click on the Interface tab then click on Manage Themes
    3. in the list you will see B&Bcolor check that one and then click save changes.

    Now you are done if you have any problems let me know.

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    david alexandru
    Version: 2015-04-28
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