Admin CP 2015-05-07

Admin CP

  1. jjjason84
    WeBid Version:
    • 1.0.4/1.0.5/1.0.6
    Brand new admin theme.
    I made this theme because i seen there is really not that many admin themes on the forms so i thought i would make one and share it with everyone.

    Tested on version 1.04.
    If there is any problems let me know so that i can fix them.

    Drop down navigation menu:
    The navigation menu has a drop down that displays the subcategories for easy access to every page.

    Alternating styles:
    Alternating styles always the user to change the colors of the control panel.
    The Alternating styles also has a built in cookies so that the color stays when you are changing pages.

    There are 3 different color themes to pick from Red, Blue and Green.
    Here are some screenshots.

    Settings/Display Settings

    Settings/Display Settings

    Settings/Display Settings

    1. Download the New Admin Theme .zip folder
    2. save a copy of your admin theme
    3. Delete the admin folder that is located in your theme folder in your webid directory
    4. Open the New Admin Theme\New Admin Theme folder
    5. upload the admin folder to the theme folder that is located in your webid directory
    6. In the admin area clear the cache.
    7. That's it your done enjoy. :)

    If you have mods added to your admin theme you will have to re add them.

    Here is a template if you need to add more .tpl pages to your admin theme.

    Change the code in red to the code you want to use.

    <div style="margin-left:auto; margin-right:auto;">
    <!-- INCLUDE header.tpl -->
    <!-- Top Breadcrumb Start -->
    <div id="breadcrumb">
    <li><img src="{SITEURL}themes/admin/img/icons/icon_breadcrumb.png" alt="Location" /></li>
    <li title="">{L_5436}</li>
    <li class="current">{L_25_0169a}</li>
    <!-- Top Breadcrumb End -->

    <!-- Right Side/Main Content Start -->
    <div id="rightside">
    <!-- Green Status Bar Start -->
    <div class="status error">
    <p><img src="{SITEURL}themes/admin/admin/img/icons/icon_error.png" alt="Error" /><span>Error!</span> {WARNINGMESSAGE}</p>
    <!-- Green Status Bar End -->
    <!-- ENDIF -->
    <!-- IF ERROR ne '' -->
    <!-- Blue Status Bar Start -->
    <div class="status info">
    <p><img src="{SITEURL}themes/admin/img/icons/icon_info.png" alt="Information" /><span>Information:</span> {ERROR}</p>
    <!-- Blue Status Bar End -->
    <!-- ENDIF -->

    <!-- Content Box Start -->
    <div class="contentcontainer">
    <div class="contentbox">
    <form name="errorlog" action="" method="post">
    <input type="hidden" name="csrftoken" value="{_CSRFTOKEN}">
    Your Version: <b>{MYVERSION}</b><br>
    Current Version: {REALVERSION}<br>


    <!-- Right Side/Main Content End -->
    <!-- INCLUDE footer.tpl -->