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Heads up I don't have access to a PC I can program on until next monday Sep 8, 2016

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    1. tsunami
      Serious bug with proxy bids (WeBid 0.8.5P1). Bug description on this link
      P.S. I'm sorry for my bad english.
    2. John
      I have webid stripped down to just the template you may want to take a look at it here Webid template
    3. John
      Renlok I was wanting to help out with the svn version 1.0. Ive been working on a default theme. So far I have tableless design all css styles and xhtml strict doc type. Ive also changed some language files to more readable code like $MSG['001] TO $MSG['LOGIN'] If you like heres the link to test version Its not complete yet but I can zip it up for you if you like it.
    4. nay27uk
    5. Fer
    6. meetgerry
      Hello 'Renlok',

      I guess this problem is common across. Even I have the same issue; have you come across anyone who managed to streamline your request.

      Besides, I have another problem. When a user wins an auction, he has an option to PAY, but when clicking on it takes you to a page with a message asking you to pay with the following payment options, whereas the payment option does not show up. This is even after the details of payment gateway like PayPal and is set, the ‘Payment Methods’ under Settings is described and the ‘Payment Type’ is set to Live Payments.

      I am unable to figure out what could be the issue. I have registered on this portal and my account is not active. I have no idea whom do I contact for all these fixes.

      Would appreciate if you had some updated information.

    7. naimenim
      Hi Renlok,

      I'm new in webid. I have posted many times that i need a theme looked like But, i haven't got any single response from designers. Though webid is a open source program, i told that i'm ready to pay for my required theme. response.

      I guess, designers aren't getting my mind and i'm sure if you tell that in any of your post, my need will be able to be under their look. And, if there are no response, i will request you: please help me:(
    8. newb
      Any way of getting my account activated as to enable me to post on the forums, since i have questions pertaining to mods for the we bid Thx in advanced NEWB
    9. mischieve
      hey cheers for the fast reply, I meant that i cant open a new thread, as i would like to start a new discussion here, it says my status wont allow me, i guess is because im new here. but i dont mind waiting.

      reagarding my template, i only modified the lastest one offered in the site.... just a few colours here and there and swap things one side to the other. also modified the non compatibility with safair and google chrome.

      A bout shipping yes, this is what i mean, an option like ebay where you can add shipping costs on top of the price of the item, so it can be set by country and price, i have probid full latest script with a separated module with shipping, if you like i can email the module to you, not sure if this might help you.
      email me any time or msn :


    10. mischieve
      hi there,

      sorry to bother you... first i stummbled into the site today after more than a year, an hey what a change and improvement, in fact i was using crappy script that i bought somewhere and was so hard to edit!! (php pro bid by the way)

      i cant post any threads so far and i would like to post one about shipping rates and if someone could develop a module for shipping local and international...

      i would appreciate if you could post one thread.

      also i will happy to help with templates ... im only testing and modiying some areas for now , onnly started this morning... but i would like to help a little if i can!!


    11. noelroman
      Renlok, sorry for the extra treads, my software is not a virus, really. it was infected when i compile because i not have antivirus, but i has removed these version and i will change for non infecte, really i be work somuch days whitout sleep to make this sistem more better,
      thanks. and soryy. really.
    12. waystar
    13. NateMartin
    14. 88guy
      Just shot you $50.00 - not a fortune, I know, but I hope it helps.
    15. carinspector
      There will be more to follow. I just need to get the buyer fee worked into the program to make it work for my business model. I appreciate you and your efforts.
    16. carinspector
      Just sent you some cash -- Hope it helps
    17. mustang
    18. fr0de
    19. clectable

      First off, thanks for the software. as I posted earlier, it seems to be pretty easy to use/ install and get going and that by itself is quite an impressive feat.

      I posted a comment in the features list about having some resources I can help contribute to the cause. My hosting services gives me unlimited drive space, bandwidth etc.. In addition I have a number of IP's I can allocate. I would be happy to help out by donating some of these resources and my time/ services. As I said before I am a sys admin by trade so I have some knowledge of networking, systems and the like.

      Please let me know how I can help you guys out as I am sure I will be turing to the support forum for help early and often. :)

      Feel free to email me at the address I am listing below, whil ethe others will get to me, this is the most direct contact I have. I would love to help out.

      Thanks !

      Chris Dowd
      Denver, Co USA
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