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  1. Secret Allure Cream
  2. MJAuction
    I'm back and expanding across Canada!
  3. Renzov
    time to onboard again.....
  4. OBL
    Just made a donation as well.
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  5. Success
    Where do i find the language/EN/ do anybody can help me here plz
    1. nay27uk
      Ask in the correct forum board instead of on your profile and we can help
      Jan 30, 2017
  6. Jake
    A friendship that can end never really began !
  7. Kellys Barrios
  8. Srdjan Sajin
    Srdjan Sajin kslakhani
    Hello, in which theme you edited lines ?
    I use modern theme in new webid 1.2.1
    Its missing some strings
    Can you also make this with or better ?
    I have there account if you need for test
  9. Merkcuio
  10. ian culter
    ian culter kslakhani
    can you help me with installing Text verification on version 1.2.2 ?
  11. jjjason84
    jjjason84 renlok
    Hello renlok can you please get a hold of me on skype it is importing. Thanks
  12. alryalls
    alryalls scodal
    Hi Scodal, I hope you don't mind me messaging you directly. I saw you posted on here about how to display the reserve info on the browse page, and that you had solved it. Would there be any chance you of letting me know (or posting on your original thread) about how you achieved this?
    Many thanks
  13. renlok
    Heads up I don't have access to a PC I can program on until next monday
    1. nay27uk
      Thanks for the heads up Ren
      Sep 9, 2016
    2. NozlafAu
      use your phone
      Sep 26, 2016
  14. Sushrit
    Can any one help me out with reverse Auction / bidding feature in Webid , Ready to Pay !!!
    1. NozlafAu
      whats the issue?
      Sep 26, 2016
  15. joshua2016
  16. KovacsPeter
    Hi! How to add paypal "Buy Now!" button and IPN concretely in WeBid?
  17. seintitus
    seintitus Mark Lamberson
    Hi. Mark I would kindly like to request for your assistance on resolving missing captcha image on webid auction script. I just can't figure out exactly where the error is.
    Kind regards,
  18. super_st
    May finally get back to working on webid at somepoint been sooo busy
  19. Renzov
    Always willing to help!
  20. fireballbrady
    trying to get the registration page tow ork