View Full Version : Resend Signup Confirmation E-mail Bug

19-11-2008, 04:37 PM
In testing I found a bug (0.6.3) I kept getting an error on fopen file couldn't be found trying to resend a confirmation from admin panel to a user. I corrected it with the following

resendemail.php in admin directory

$FP = fopen("../includes/usermail.".$userlanguage.".inc.php","r");
$message = fread($FP,filesize("../includes/usermail.".$userlanguage.".inc.php"));

$FP = fopen("../language/".$userlanguage."/usermail.inc.php","r");
$message = fread($FP,filesize("../language/".$userlanguage."/usermail.inc.php"));

Works like a charm now. I will keep testing it, may go live as a side auction site under a sub domain or just sub directory with my main auction site at http://www.myeauctions.com Currently I am running under the Kaqoo platform but I am looking at the possibility of doing my own or at least having a back up to it. I know I can get sellers to help me test it once it is out of my sandbox so we will see how it does.

19-11-2008, 07:21 PM
thanks for sharing that and yeah having a bunch of sellers help test it would be great, it would certainly help flag up all the bugs